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The FINS software provides an implementation of the WS-Eventing specification. This specification -- developed jointly by Microsoft, BEA, IBM and Sun -- can be found here. This software was developed at the Community Grids Lab @ Indiana University and is funded by the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute of the United Kingdom. This site assembles a set of hyper-linked documentation pertaining to several aspects of the software. We have included HTML and PDF versions of this documentation. For viewing the PDF files you can use the Acrobat Reader available for free from  For the user's convenience the entire documentation is also available as a PDF file.

The hyper-links on the left-side of the screen pertaining to the organizational structure of the documentation. In most cases there will be several documents that have been assembled within each category. The list below briefly summarizes the contents of each category.

Summary -- Provides a summary of the WS-Eventing Software

Getting Started -- This is meant to be the starting point for users. Here we have provided a description of ALL the documents available within the FINS software.

Installation & Use -- The set of documents in this category provide detailed instructions for running the FINS software within the OMII Container. All available within this category is a User Guide which can be perused by the readers that wish to build applications using this software.

Architecture -- The set of documents in this category provide implementation details pertaining to the software. Also available is a functional specification document which provides details pertaining to several aspects of the software.

Support -- This category includes API documentations of the software, and promotional slides that can be disseminated within the user community.

Testing - Here we describe the testing scheme and the execution of the test cases.