Class DuplicateDetection

  extended by java.lang.Thread
      extended by cgl.narada.protocol.DuplicateDetection
All Implemented Interfaces:
ProtocolDebugFlags, Runnable

public class DuplicateDetection
extends Thread
implements ProtocolDebugFlags

This thread keeps track of set of event identifiers. The event identifiers are purged after a certain interval (ID_LIFECYCLE) has elapsed. The oldest set of entries are also purged if the number of entries in the buffers has exceeded the maximum specified limit (MAX_LENGTH_OF_ID_BUFFER).

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Thread.State, Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandler
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Fields inherited from interface cgl.narada.protocol.ProtocolDebugFlags
BrokerLocatorCommunicator_Debug, ClientConnectionHandler_Debug, Connection_Debug, ConnectionPropagation_Debug, Destinations_Debug, DuplicateDetection_Debug, EventBuffer_Debug, EventRoutingProtocol_Debug, Gateway_Debug, GatewayInfo_Debug, GatewayPropagation_Debug, JmsProfilePropagation_Debug, LinkCostMatrix_Debug, NodeAdditionProtocol_Debug, NodeAddress_Debug, Path_Debug, PersistentEventRouting_Debug, ProfilePropagationProtocol_Debug, ProtocolException_Debug, ProtocolHandler_Debug, ProtocolID_Debug, ProtocolIDFactory_Debug, RoutingCache_Debug, RtpEventRoutingProtocol_Debug, RtpProfilePropagation_Debug, SecureMessageRouting_Debug, TagValueEventRoutingProtocol_Debug, TagValueProfilePropagation_Debug, XmlEventRoutingProtocol_Debug, XPathProfilePropagation_Debug
Method Summary
static DuplicateDetection getInstance()
 boolean isDuplicate(NBEvent nbEvent)
          Check to see if an EventID is duplicate one.
static void main(String[] args)
 void registerEvent(NBEvent nbEvent)
          Once an event has been deemed to be not a duplicate, such an event needs to be registered with the duplicate detector so that future duplicates can be detected.
 void restartServices()
          Restart the thread's services.
 void run()
 void shutdownServices()
          Shutdown the thread's services
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Method Detail


public static DuplicateDetection getInstance()


public void shutdownServices()
Shutdown the thread's services


public void restartServices()
Restart the thread's services.


public boolean isDuplicate(NBEvent nbEvent)
Check to see if an EventID is duplicate one.

nbEvent -
true if this is a duplicate event, false otherwise.


public void registerEvent(NBEvent nbEvent)
Once an event has been deemed to be not a duplicate, such an event needs to be registered with the duplicate detector so that future duplicates can be detected.

nbEvent -


public void run()
Specified by:
run in interface Runnable
run in class Thread


public static void main(String[] args)
args -

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