Class ROOTSecurityProvider

  extended by

public class ROOTSecurityProvider
extends Object

This is a temporary placeholder class for acting as a root security provider !
Created on Apr 13, 2005

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void DeleteCertificate(CertificateManager certMan, String entityName)
          Deletes the certificate and private key for the named entity
static void GenerateROOTCertificate(CertificateManager certMan)
          Generates NEW ROOT certificate for use of this ROOT Provider.
static void IssueSignedCertificate(CertificateManager certMan, String entityName, String DNAME, String validityDays)
          Issues a new digitally signed certificate.
static void main(String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


public ROOTSecurityProvider()
Method Detail


public static void GenerateROOTCertificate(CertificateManager certMan)
Generates NEW ROOT certificate for use of this ROOT Provider. If used, then need to resign all public keys of the entities that were issued the certificates from the Root provider. By default the validity is set to 1 year (365 days)


public static void IssueSignedCertificate(CertificateManager certMan,
                                          String entityName,
                                          String DNAME,
                                          String validityDays)
Issues a new digitally signed certificate. This certificate is signed by the ROOT Provider's private key.

certMan -
entityName - - The name of the entity for which the certificate is to be issued. This will also be the alias of the entity in the keystore. Make sure these are unique for different entities
DNAME - - The complete Distinguished Name of the entity. If null, a default is used CN=entityName,OU=Community Grids Lab,O=Indiana University,L=Bloomington,C=US
validityDays - - The number of days for which this certificate is valid


public static void DeleteCertificate(CertificateManager certMan,
                                     String entityName)
Deletes the certificate and private key for the named entity

certMan -
entityName - - The entity whose keys are to be deleted


public static void main(String[] args)

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