Package cgl.narada.transport

This package contains the interfaces and exceptions for NaradaBrokering's transport framework.


Interface Summary
AdministrativeLink The primary purpose of the administrative link is to facilitate the negotiation of the best available transport for communication between two end-points.
Link A Link is an abstraction that hides details pertaining to communications.
LinkFactory The LinkFactory construct is associated with a given transport type and is responsible for the management/creation of links of that transport type.
LinkNegotiator All link implementations need to have an implementation of the LinkNegotiator interface, which is used by the administrative link to determine communication metrics and possibilities.
LinkPerformanceData Links expose the performance related information in the LinkPerformanceData construct using which it is possible to retrieve the performance factors being measured, the type of the parameter value, the value corresponding to a specific parameter or the complete set of performance data that is measured on the link.
TransportDebugFlags This is a utility interface which allows us to debug specific classes in the underlying transport implementations of the interfaces specified in this package.
TransportHandler The transport handler interface provides an intermediary between the protocol layers and the underlying transport implementations.

Class Summary
TransmissionManager This class checks/keeps track of pending transfers within the registered TransmissionReporters associated with the links.
TransportHandlerImpl This class provides an implementation of the transport handler interface.

Exception Summary
AccessDeniedException A permission error occurred in the transport layer.
TransportException The exception that is thrown when any of communication related operations cannot be carried out for some reason.

Package cgl.narada.transport Description

This package contains the interfaces and exceptions for NaradaBrokering's transport framework. Implementers of specialized transports are required to conform to these interfaces.

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