Class WsrmCreateEnvelope

  extended by cgl.narada.wsinfra.deployment.axis.wsrm.WsrmCreateEnvelope

public class WsrmCreateEnvelope
extends Object

Creates an SOAPEnvelope. Both handler and Proxy base web service deployments are using message type web service. Message type web services work with SOAPEnvelope. This class helps to create them.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 EnvelopeDocument addQName(EnvelopeDocument envelopeDocument, String qString)
          Adds Qname into both header and body.
 EnvelopeDocument createEnvDocument(String source, String sink)
          Creates EnvelopeDocument by using source and sink adresses
 org.apache.axis.message.SOAPEnvelope getEnvelope(String messageType, String source, String sink)
          returns SOAPEnvelope
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Constructor Detail


public WsrmCreateEnvelope()
Method Detail


public EnvelopeDocument createEnvDocument(String source,
                                          String sink)
Creates EnvelopeDocument by using source and sink adresses


public EnvelopeDocument addQName(EnvelopeDocument envelopeDocument,
                                 String qString)
Adds Qname into both header and body. We may remove adding any QName into body. Howover, axis does not send any message which has empty body


public org.apache.axis.message.SOAPEnvelope getEnvelope(String messageType,
                                                        String source,
                                                        String sink)
returns SOAPEnvelope

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