Class WsrmRequestCreatorImpl

  extended by cgl.narada.wsinfra.wsrm.impl.WsrmRequestCreatorImpl
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WsrmRequestCreatorImpl
extends Object
implements WsrmRequestCreator

A class which is responsible for creating WSRM requests.

Method Summary
 EnvelopeDocument getCreateSequenceRequest(ToDocument to, EndpointReferenceType wsrmSourceEpr)
          Create a CreateSequenceRequest based on the specified headers.
static WsrmRequestCreator getInstance()
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Method Detail


public static WsrmRequestCreator getInstance()


public EnvelopeDocument getCreateSequenceRequest(ToDocument to,
                                                 EndpointReferenceType wsrmSourceEpr)
Create a CreateSequenceRequest based on the specified headers. The To, From and ReplyTo, FaultTo are appropriately constructed.

Specified by:
getCreateSequenceRequest in interface WsrmRequestCreator

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