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In the bin directory I click on startBroker.bat (on Windows) or type ./ and I get the following error:  
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: cgl/narada/node/BrokerNode
You need to update the value of the naradaBrokering_home variable in the startBroker.bat and to point to the appropriate location of NaradaBrokering's installation directory.

I have problems in setting up the links demo
Did you set up the keystore/trustore properly?
Did you specify the right locations and passwords for the keystore and truststore?
Do you have the right user-id/password if your proxy/firewall forces authentication?
Did you include %naradaBrokering_home%\dll in your PATH variable?

I am having problems compiling the codebase?
First of all you need to make sure that you are using JDK-1.4.1 (you can verify this by typing java -version), also you'll need to check and see whether your javac is JDK-1.4.1 or higher by checking  the path variable in the event that you have multiple Java SDK installations on your machine.

You can type ant at naradaBrokering_home and it should compile everything, all the jar files needed for compilation have already been included in the build.xml. You can download ANT at .

If you aren't using ANT and you are trying to compile the sources from the command line you need to make sure that you did include the jar files included in the lib directory of the distribution in the classpath that you specified while compiling.

I am having problems importing the NaradaBrokering code base into JBuilder. (This is a very popular question among NaradaBrokering beta testers and contributors).
First update the JDK used in JBuilder to point to JDK-1.4.1. To do this go to Tools| Configure JDKs. Then select New. You can specify your Java Home.

Next start a new project using File|New Project and also specifying the directory in the Project Wizard to point to the %naradaBrokering_home% variable. Next, in your project paths you have to make sure that you select the new JDK (1.4.1 and upwards).   Finish the wizard.

Create a src directory in your project home directory and move the cgl directory in the NaradaBrokering's distribution to the src directory.
Now, if you select Project|Refresh,  you can see all the packages in the left pane of jBuilder.

Create Narada libraries for your jBuilder project. Select Tool|Configure Library|New. Click Add. Select all the .jar file from the lib directory in NaradaBrokering distribution and click OK. Then give a name to the new library, eg, NaradaBrLib. Then click OK to finish.

Add Narada Library to you project. Select Project|Project Properties. Then select Required Libraries tab. Then click “Add”. Select the NaradaBrLib you just created and click “OK”, the library will be added to your project. Now, select Project|Rebuild Project. You should compile the project successfully.

To run the test program, you need to add them to your run configuration and also add the Application Parameters.  For running the broker instance cgl.narada.Node.BrokerNode class the parameter is : “-f config/BrokerConfiguration.txt”

How do I change the ports that the broker is running on?
Simply go to the naradaBrokering_home/config directory and change the port numbers associated with the appropriate transport protocol whose configuration you wish to change.

How do I migrate from SonicMQ based JMS systems to NaradaBrokering without changing/compiling a single line of code. (For IU Grids Lab Researchers only)
There is a jar file that is available for download at the InternalSite link, which facilitates this transition. The NaradaBrokering specific initialization of the TopicConnectionFactory in JMS applications can be seen in the example applications e.g. Chat that is included in the code distribution.

I have built an application around NaradaBrokering and would like to make it available for the NaradaBrokering user base.
We are always looking for applications and extensions to the NaradaBrokering code base. Please do let us know if you would like us to include that work in the source code distribution or include a link to your project page.

How can I add a FAQ element to this FAQ?
Send an e-mail to with any problems that you might have faced and how you had it resolved. This would be of great help to other developers who might use NaradaBrokering for the first time.


Where do I submit bug-reports for NaradaBrokering?
Send an e-mail to with any problems that you are currently facing

Page last updated  - February 23, 2007