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NaradaBrokering Project:
Brief Overview

NaradaBrokering is a content distribution infrastructure for voluminous data streams. The substrate places no limits on the size, rate and scope of the information encapsulated within these streams or on the number of entities within the system. NaradaBrokering provides support for the scalable and efficient dissemination of these data streams. The substrate incorporates capabilities to mitigate network-induced effects, and also to ensure that these streams are secure, reliable, ordered and jitter-reduced. All components within the system utilize globally-synchronized timestamps.

To facilitate communications in a variety of network realms, NaradaBrokering incorporates support for several communication protocols such as TCP, UDP, Multicast, HTTP, SSL, IPSec and Parallel TCP. Support for enterprise messaging standards such as the Java Message Service, and a slew of Web Service specifications such as SOAP, WS-Eventing, WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Reliability are also available.

Since NaradaBrokering is application-independent, it has been harnessed in a variety of domains such as Earthquake Science, Environmental Monitoring, Particle Physics, Geosciences and Internet based conferencing systems. A comprehensive list of the projects that harness NaradaBrokering is available on the project homepage.