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NaradaBrokering & Granules Projects:
Version History

The version history of the NaradaBrokering and Granules project is enumerated here in reverse chronological order. We would especially like to thank several users who have used this software in their projects, reported to us about their experiences with suggestions and problems (and in some cases even suggesting solutions): they have contributed to making this software more stable and usable.

Version Number Date Released
Comments/Notes related to the release
1.3.2 07-16-2009 [Granules]External release of the Granules software that includes several sample applications.
4.2.2 06-12-2009 Resolves a problem that occurs during multiple broker failures in distributed settings.
1.1.5 01-31-2009 [Granules] External release of the Granules software. Incorporates sample demonstrating iterative map-reduce of multiple cascaded stages of an execution pipeline.
4.0.2 01-31-2009 Better support for error reporting, and fixes a minor bug in the previous release.
1.1.1 01-23-2009 [Granules] External release of the Granules software.
4.0.1 01-22-2009 Improvements to the transport layer, and improved support for concurrent connections.
1.0.1 12-4-2008 [Granules] Restricted Release: First release of the Granules software. The software was released to a restrict set of user groups.
3.3.2 07-08-2008 First external release of hierarchical topic spaces. Minor bug fixes to the 3.3.1 release which incorporated support for hierarchical topic spaces and wildcard operators.
3.3.1 06-25-2008 Restricted Release: Support for hierarchical topic spaces along with implicit and explicit support for wildcard-based subscriptions
3.2.0 02-11-2008 Incorporates support for IPSec in the transport layer.
3.1.3 12-07-2007

Fixed a bug that caused problems at very high publish rates while using non-blocking TCP.

3.1.2 09-28-2007

External release: First external release of Version 3 of the software. Includes enhanced support for management of broker networks, and also some fixes related to deployments on the Microsoft Vista Operating System.

3.1.1 09-24-2007

Internal release: Fixed a problem with NIO sockets on Vista. Specifically, engineered the transports to reuse sockets that are in the TIME_WAIT state after a disconnect.

3.1.0 09-14-2007

Internal release: Fixes to enable interoperation with the new HPSearch software.

3.0.2 07-12-2007

Internal release: Bug fixes to the 3.0.2 release. This release fixed an issue with the command-line interactive processing on the broker side.

3.0.1 06-22-2007

Internal release: First release of the 3.0 software

2.0.2 02-27-2007

External release. Includes all capabilities added in 1.3.2 and 2.0.1. This release also fixes a memory leak that was present in 2.0.1.

2.0.1 02-92-2007

Internal release, which now includes a HPSearch management interface for managing broker networks.

1.3.2 01-17-2007

Internal release, which included some improvements like reduced connection setup times

1.2.1 09-19-2006

Improved performance for large payload sizes and distributed broker settings. This version will be the last release which will be compatible with JDK 1.4.1.

1.1.6 05-19-2006

Resolved a couple of issues related to the security service. Additionally, this release prunes old features that are not currently being supported.

1.1.5 03-21-2006

Modified the definition and dropping of tables in 1.1.4. Fixed some issues related to certificate generation, and corresponding exchange, in SSL and HTTPS.

1.1.4 03-16-2006

Fixes problems reported in 1.1.3. Features added include a communications monitor that ensures that transfers are completed prior to a connection being terminated.

1.1.3 12-08-2005

Added functionality to support programmatic shutdown of brokers.

1.1.2 12-01-2005

External release includes the implementation of the NaradaBrokering security framework which allows for secure (authorized, confidential, integrity verification and source validation) end-to-end delivery of messages.

1.0.1 07-12-2005

External release of version 1.0 of the software. Resolved problems in the beta version of the software. Includes features such as support for SOAP, WS-Eventing, WSRM, Topic Discovery and Broker Discovery.

1.0.0 06-24-2005

Internal release of version 1.0 of the software. More than a 100 classes have been removed from the old version. An additional 500 classes were added to the codebase.

0.99.4 02-18-2005

Fixed problems related to HRClock, which was loading by default even if an entity did not require these high-resolution services. Added functions to BrokerNode to enable interaction with scripting services.

0.99.3 02-01-2005

Fixed problem related to HRClock,  that is used in the Time Differential service. This was affecting native clients in the 0.99 rc2 release only. Problems related to the sleep function in the native libraries for Windows/Linux were resolved. Changes related to A/V support specifically for the GlobalMMCS project are now part of the release. Also resolved version numbering problems in some packages which contained version numbers which erroneously reported last change in 2002. This was an artifact of repository migrations that have taken place. 

0.99.2 01-14-2005

Users had reported problems compiling the codebase in JBuilder. This was related to problems with some of the imported libraries. This problem has now been resolved.

0.99.1 11-30-2004

This version contained an implementation of the Time Differential service, which now facilitates replays while preserving time-spacing between the events.

0.98.1 10-18-2004

Added support for high resolution timers in the code-base. This would be used by subsequent time-spacing services.

0.97.2 07-13-2004

Support for tracking entity that mutated event properties during network traversals

0.97.1 07-05-2004

Added support for Properties in the native NBEvent. These properties can be both mutable and immutable.

0.96.2 04-26-2004

Fixed a bug related to performing asynchronous reads. Fixed problems related to temporary topics in JMS.

0.96.1 04-23-2004

Incorporated support for replay services, and also a bridge to Globus Toolkit 3

0.95.3 03-20-2004

Fixes related to support for multimedia streams

0.95.2 02-16-2004

Non-blocking IO related fixes that enable functionality on Linux

0.95.1 02-10-2004

Incorporated support for non-blocking TCP in the transport layer.